5 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Most Popular Breakfast Recipes


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

A healthy breakfast can go a long way for our well-being

Here are 5 best healthy breakfast recipes you can try

Healthy Breakfast Recipes- Everyone is living busy lives that we lead, it’s very common habit to skip the morning meal. For some of us, it’s usually breakfast-on-the-go. A quick cheese sandwich or cookies and cup of tea any other fast food is what one would reach out for but what we do not realize that its very important that start off your morning with a healthy breakfast. Mornings can be the most stressful hours of the day, which make it all the more necessary for you to whip up an elaborate healthy breakfast.

After 8-9 hours of sleep at night, your body continues to run its functions and use all energy that produced during the day time. Once you wake up the next morning, you must need to refuel your body. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can keep your energy as well concentration levels up.  Skipping breakfast will not only make you feel fatigued through the day but also lead to untimely cravings and overeating.

I like to share with you our best breakfast recipes that are made with healthy ingredients. from smoothies, spinachpancakes, wheat bread to uttapam, we have got you covered with all things healthy. No refined flour and unnecessary fats, these all recipes are made with fresh fruits and veggies, protein packed lentils and eggs, super foods like oats and mushrooms and healthy grains like bran.

Here are the five best recipes of Breakfast.

1. Bread Omelet

Breads are breakfast staples. But, what we don’t realize that most breads use refined flour which has high carbs and devoid of any nutrients. Here’s a simple solution, this banana and oat bread replaces all that is bad for you with all that’s good.

Banana Omlate bread


2.Spinach Pancakes

Thats wholesome meal consists of pancakes made with whole wheat flour, yogurt, milk and spinach with a mushroom and cheese filling. Its a good choice for breakfast, brunch or even to pack for tiffin.



3. Melon and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

A natural power drink that will increase your energy levels gradually. Fresh fruits, milk, honey and oats come together to make this energy booster. Kiwi is very sweet and tangy fruit that has good benefits and when this is combines with fruits like melon and grapes, it only enhances the nutritious value of this smoothie.

Power drink

4. Chicken Omelette with Sauteed Mushrooms

Here is a full protein packed breakfast for everybody. An omelette made with egg whites, chunks of chicken and the goodness of mushrooms.


Chicken Omlate

5. Breakfast Salad

We get that a salad for breakfast might be unusual but once you try this delicious recipe, we promise there’s no going back. You’ve got chicken sausages, lettuce, eggs, tomatoes and a gorgeous honey mustard dressing.